N5HDW Ham Radio

Ham Radio Just Isn't What It Used To Be

Vintage Radio

Vacuum tubes and dials and the dim glow from the radio in night. Straining to hear the slightest hint of a distant station through the headphones. CW or Morse code, SSB, AM maybe something exotic like RTTY. Oh, yes, those were the nights.

What has happened to radio?

Why I Chose a Yaesu FT710 AESS

New Technology

Looked at the icom 7300 which has a great following and seems to be one of the most popular rigs out there. But it has been out for years and the 710 has been out for only a year or so. The internal technology is all new designs. Features and performance gives an edge over the 7300.

Great Receiver

Of the online reviews I could find it was widely acclaimed how good the receiver functioned especially with weak signals and how it sounds. Old ears need a great receiver with good sound.

External Monitor

Being able to connect the radio to a pc monitor so the viewing screen is so much larger than the display on the radio is fantastic. Tired old eyes really appreciate this feature


So far as price goes, this unit is in lower tier or budget range so far as new full feature transceivers. Older models sell for nearly as much with no warranty and are not real well suited for many of the modern digital modes being used today.

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