Figs, Pigs and Feathers Homestead Lifestyle in the Arkansas Ozarks

Dream big, do what you can, enjoy what you do.

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Homestead Highlights

Technology on the Homestead

Since early childhood, radio and electronics have always held my interest.  In this section you might find anything from ham radio projects, to automating chicken doors, and about anything in between.

Fruits 'n Nuts - The orchard

The land of fruits and nuts?  Well, we do have a number of fruit trees, and more to come.  Wild blackberries and grapes can be found, but we are clearing, and planting, some of the land with a purpose of growing an orchard and vineyard.

shop projects

We have a small shop, mostly doing wood working projects but also trying to grow into new things for us like welding and metal working.  You never know what we might be looking into doing next. So come along on the journey.

Pigs and Poultry

From the gateway farm animal, chickens, to something a little more weighty like pigs, we have a variety of animals that we raise. While lots of folks raise animals for sale, we are more focused on meeting our own needs and that of our family. We raise chickens and guinea fowl primarily for bug control to reduce the ticks and chiggers that are inherit in this area. 


We are not experts by any means, but we do enjoy getting out and growing some of our own produce.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, asparagus, herbs, potatoes and lots of other veggies from time to time might be found growing in our garden beds.