Building a solar farm on the homestead

Winter of 2021 going into 2022 brought some of the usual winter weather issues, cold, snow, ice, freezing rain  and sleet, along with some sunshine.

The previous year brought freezing rain as well, with most of it going south of us. Problem with freezing rain is that it freezes to power lines and tree limbs, causing a lot of extra weight on them and often they break under the burden.  Power outages follow and can be lengthy before power is restored.

So the forecast for our area again included freezing rain and sleet.  We got caught in one of the power outages this time.  We were fortunate in that again most of the foul weather went south of us, and our outage only lasted about 20 hours.

Meanwhile, our portable generator failed to start.  It was getting old to be sure, but even though tested before the cold weather came in, it let us down. 

I might say here that we are all electric.  Without power, we have no heat and no water. Even our fiber internet depends on electric power on our end, and nope, no internet either.

So we broke out the portable  propane heater and that was sufficient for this time.  Might not be if our power was out for several days.